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Dr. Js Beef

Aug 31, 2021

Ron Graber ( is guest for the week talking about preparing pens for the coming winter feeding months.

Aug 24, 2021

What do taste panels and scientific data indicate about ground beef versus some of the plant-based ground beef alternatives??  Data from KSU as presented by MS candidate Lane Egger discuss just what people think of these atlernative meat products on this weeks podcast.  For detailed figures that supplement the podcast,...

Aug 17, 2021

Scott Clawson ( was guest for the week talking about market positioning for cow-calf producers including LRP options, strategic cow age marketing, and replacement marketing.  You can look through the slide deck that accompanies this podcast on under programs and beef...

Aug 10, 2021

Bruno Pedreira ( was guest for the week talking about fertility in hay fields and research conducted on crabgrass and bermudagrass.  He also addresses haying management for quality forages.  Supplementary slides can be found at under programs and beef cattle, if you would like to...

Aug 6, 2021

Dr. Jaymelynn Farney, Beef Specialist with Kansas State talks about 5 studies she has conducted with feeding of essential oils/spices to cattle on grass and the effects seen on gains and use as a fly and tick control.  For data slides please go to and click on the programs tab and Beef Cattle.